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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about paying attention.  Have you heard the saying,

'It doesn't cost much to pay attention'?


Together, we will strengthen your

awareness to enhance feelings of calm and safety.  

Using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy including Mindfulness approaches we teach you how to feel your feelings,

big or small, in a safe and healthy way.

The nervous system must treated too!

Significant amounts of research have identified the ways in which the nervous system is impacted and jeopardized by distressing events.  


After 15-20 sessions 

you learn how to self-regulate. 

Anyone can do it at any age!

Much like a thermostat on an air conditioning unit during the hot Arizona summer.

Your body will learn how to 'cool' itself down!

Thoughts, Feelings, & Behaviors -- Oh My!

We have thousands of thoughts that go through our minds on a daily basis

These thoughts impact the way we feel and behave.  Restructuring our thoughts takes practice but it can lead us to a state of mental clarity and serenity. 

I help you identify thoughts that are not so nice and you find ways of transforming these thoughts so that they treat you nicely! 

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